Didi Durak-Akser - screenwriter, storyteller

Specialities: Film studies, creative/copy writing, scenario/script/screenwriting, editing, translation, transcreation, proofreading, comics, drawing, culture, arts, social sciences.
Interests: Humour and hope (Shouldn't everything revolving around them anyway?), culture (with particular interest in Latin America and Europe, India, Ireland, the UK, Cuba, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon, the Balkans, Ethiopia, so goes the list), utopianism (utopia and dystopia), Third Cinema, independent and mumblecore films.

Short bio
Crazy as a mango. Full of references nobody gets.
Lives according to her values. Writes the Diary of a Hermit at times. 
Mad, bonkers, off her head. 
Gypsy soul. Loves to pack and unpack. Eternal tourist and host.
Coincidence and craze trigger. Has a lot of stories to tell. Never wants to know what’s going to happen next. Up for spontaneity.
A daughter, a sister, a lover/wife, a mother, a soul mate, a student, a teacher, an inspirer, an inspired soul, feels like 16 and 90 (one for the fun, the other for the stories) at the same time.
A desperate philanthropist. Gave up IT for her dreams and doesn’t regret it a bit.
Can dualities exist? Yes (and No - Obviously)
Terry Gilliam and Douglas Adams? Yes please!
Favourite foods of the soul: Writing, drawing, and movies.
Always the rogue in Diablo (The video game, not the real one).
Zorba the Buddha. Dreams, enjoys life, eats, breathes. Takes pleasure in details.
Goes berserk when folly wins, and won’t let it happen. Bureaucratic mistakes are her curse.
Used to believe that The Ghost Busters were real.

Words to live by: Love, Life, Dream, Truth, Existence, Science, Humanity, Values, Moment, Humour, Animals, Nature, Space, Hope.
Jeepers creepers! No need for any titles. Human. Just a human, a soul.
While opening a door still says “Alohomora”.
Futurama, Futurama! Monty Pyhton. 
Values the truth. Will however stay silent than explaining things to someone who has already judged.

Most Enjoyed Travels: India, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Macedonia.

Favourite Cities: Barcelona and Rishikesh.

Lived in Turkey, Germany, and Spain. Currently lives in NI, UK. Doesn't know where the future will take her and her family. 

Past: SAP FI-CO consultant, management and assistant manager roles in marketing and sales, websites and IT in general, a bit of general networking and Windows operating systems here and there, international trade fairs, small and weird jobs. A diverse experience before starting her writing career.


"Life is fascinating and full of stories that deserve to be told."








Didem Durak-Akser, known as Didi is a keen and professional storyteller. Her preferred medium is cinema. She wrote several feature film screenplays to date as well as short films and TV series.

Occasionally, she writes other forms of fiction such as short stories, novels, and non-fiction: academic articles on film, critical film reviews, opinion pieces, and daily aspirations.

She is an avid reader and art enthusiast, and loves to express her observations in simple comics too.

She is involved in several stages of writing from editing to translation, proofreading to transcreation, marketing, and talks. She is a part-time screenwriting instructor at university level, and runs workshops for those interested in writing.

"Stories help us through our darkest times."


1984 - 1994


"I was raised in Istanbul. It was a lucky place to be when I was a child and teenager. My parents had mixed backgrounds. Dad was a migrant himself. They both worked hard and set great examples of independence. Their stories were intriguing."

"We travelled often. I was surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have great memories of the cultural events in Istanbul and the warm summers in the Aegean. It was dreamy. We had a nice community and the neighbourhood my parents chose to live Istanbul was a diverse place. I had the opportunity to observe and cherish various cultures. One day, I was in a well-off neighbourhood, the other day, I was playing games on the street with kids from modest backgrounds. My foundation years were awesome and were a great learning experience. It was like Edmondo de Amicis' Cuore."


Why Hire Me?

My diverse experience and fresh imagination are my major strengths. I am open-minded and efficient. My tone of voice is unique, witty and intelligent.

I work as in independent film expert with the EU and IB.

I teach part-time at the Ulster University.

Not a people’s person - I do love the idea of a united humanity, and I love my fellow humans but I prefer to work in smaller teams when it comes to creating a project and I always work with my principles and values in mind. Although I know how to deal with and manage people, I do not like to work in big office environments in the long-run (which I did in the past, and enjoyed for a couple of years).

When I am working on a film or other creative project:

  • I work hard but mostly on my own writing or drawing the story idea

  • I find teamwork and discussions to be more fruitful after I finish writing

  • I would only work on stories that I find funny, feasible, and those contribute to humanity in some way

When I am teaching:

  • I love to see the progress of my students and I care about their learning

  • I only expect effort, attention, and implementation of the discussed materials

When I am editing:

  • while aware that editing, writing, translation can all be subjective on some levels, I do my research, analyze the text, check the facts, ask questions and never settle for less, hence, I do not like to work in teams where people can have different standards or perspectives.

My translations and doctored scripts won awards.

I have been writing since I was little, and been writing, editing, translating professionally since 2001. I did my first translation when I was 10! It came out quite well.

I worked as an interpreter at the international fairs in Germany, and did a few individual interpretation work. I currently translate from Turkish to English and English to Turkish. Depending on the context and level, I can translate from Spanish or from German to Turkish too.

My international experience, copywriting, and writing skills allow me to cater to my clients' needs. 

I translate marketing materials, film scripts, academic articles, and books as well as individual documents.

I translated Turkish director Müfit Can Saçıntı's two feature length screenplays from Turkish to English. The English version of Down with Pussy has won a few screenplay awards. I translated several other screenplays, was a ghost writer and script doctor on several others all protected by NDAs.

If you are a translation company, you will be happy with my meticulous and yet fast work, and references such as Nikon, SeaLife, TextAppeal, Pronto Publishing, ReadyPens, film directors, individuals, and businesses. 

If you are a business or an individual looking for a Turkish-English (and v.v.) translator, you will be happy with my skills of transcreation, proofreading, and with my rates.

A translation I did was published in Newsweek in 2015.