When It Gets Weird and We Start to Look Like Arrogant and Rude Jerks

  1. When you are being sarcastic, some take it as a compliment. When you are being straightforward, they take it very hardly.
  2. It is amazing how many people start acting weird when they hear the words “artist”, “photographer”, “film director”, “scholar”, “professor”, “actor”, “writer”, and so on. Established ones like Nolan, or Stephen King must have met thousands of ass kissers. I cannot imagine how their lives must be.
  3. It does not really surprise me that people want easy money and fame. But there are times it still annoys and astonishes me to see so many people obsessed with celebrities, and becoming one.
  4. Misconceptions and prejudices are everywhere. My partner and I laugh about the weird situations when someone only talks to him or to me. We have been asked some funny questions about our professions, and heard funny requests.
  5. Some people assume because I take editing and proofreading jobs, I edit my husband’s work, or because of his profession, he reads every piece of mine, and correct them. It is far from being the truth. We have neither time nor need for editing each other’s work. We spend our time on other activities.
  6. I do not need my husband’s expertise for my academic endeavours. I have been doing research regarding education in different countries since I was very young, and I have a good command of what is going on.
  7. Even some women are guilty of this: They assume a male academic, or a male film director is superior to a female one. You should hear the adjectives they use to praise the males! When my partner is joking, it becomes “wow, such a deep analysis!” Hahaha. Patriarchy is hard to break. It is in our bones.
  8. There is also the negative type who hates all artists and everyone should become doctors, teachers, lawyers, or engineers. This is funny because we need everyone to be who they are, who they want to be. I have worked in several different jobs, and received education and training in different areas. I do not remember a single time that I asked someone else in case of a software issue. Ever since I have had internet connections, I look things up, and try to solve any problems myself if they are doable.
Didem Durak Akser