Do you know what brings people together? A pair of shoes. Yes, shoes.

Since the day our little one has been able to wear shoes, we've had total strangers saying us (in NI, UK, Ireland, and Turkey) "Oh, his shoe is missing."

And we were always lucky. Either we noticed the shoe was about to fall and we had already taken it off or we found the shoe on the way back. Yep. You can miss something in NI, and find it hours, days later at the same place.

So we haven't lost Ekin's shoes -until last night. We're an artsy family. (Also cheap, the event was free) We took Ekin to a light and sound event even though we have a busy schedule.

On the way back, Ekin was enjoying the beautiful night too. As he does, always, he started playing with his shoes.

It got darker. When we noticed we were missing a shoe, it was too late.

I went half the way back (like 35-40 minutes walk) but, perhaps, he removed his shoe in the first half of the walk.

I didn't find the red shoe. But I found a glove, two dead flies, and a Smurf. The cat's unfortunately chased the Smurf away.

If you see a woman, walking too fast at night, scanning the streets, she's probably only one bit crazy and not entirely crazy.

Farewell red shoe! Thanks the collective of shoes! Thanks total strangers! Finally, your prophecy has fulfilled.

Didem Durak Akser