10 Superstitions About Corporate Life That Might Actually Be True

  1. Whenever there's an awkward silence during a meeting, a colleague might be passing over due to high levels of boredom.
  2. Friday the thirteenth is still a lucky day for people who work.
  3. Apple computers are better in keeping the doctor away than PCs.
  4. Our fate is written in the sales figures.
  5. If you walk next to a top manager when you are late for work, you will have bad luck.
  6. At the end of the corporate rainbow are the vaults of gold.
  7. Clothes worn inside out will bring you fame in the company as the Mad Hatter.
  8. It is bad luck to sleep on the conference room table.
  9. To drop the sales figures means that the CEO will visit you soon.
  10. Cold hands, terrible handshake.