Corporate Life, Job Search and All That - Oh Look At That Bird!

I don't have a work experience of twenty years. But it's around twelve. (If we don't count the times when I was helping my mother, watering the garden, or helping my teachers) Not too short and not too long.

One word comes forward when I look at my professional experience if you can still call it that: communication.

I worked in IT for some years in different positions. I was always fond of technology and science, and no matter what different subjects I studied, I still liked being technically savvy and things being crystal clear.

I studied everything that I wanted to study. Of course there are more subjects that I'm interested in but they are minor themes compared to the majors.

I worked in different countries, cities and environments with different people. There were places where only Turkish was needed as well as those where no single person in the room was from the same background or country.

I also worked on different levels: managerial, specialist, intern. Part-time jobs, short-term job, long-term corporate jobs, full-time jobs, freelance projects etc. 

After I found out what I really wanted to do and how long I pushed it away because I wanted to give IT more chance, didn't want to give up before trying everything, seeing everything and also because life is difficult and I needed to work, I saw what is funny and good about corporate life. 

I know how hard it is to find a job even for very qualified people. Don't listen to anyone who tell you that you speak languages or you have experience etc. The final decision may not always be in accordance with your skills or experience. 

I like making fun of systems. All sorts of systems: political, economic, corporate, technological...
So here I'm not judging you for not quitting your job and not seeking your passion. I know that there may be debts to pay, children, parents, partners, friends too look after. You may also fear that you will not find a good paying job again or there aren't many opportunities in what you actually want to do. Or you might thin that you're too old or too young, too skilful, not skilful enough for the thing that you want to do with your life.

Well, I make fun just to make fun. I criticize just to find solutions or for all of us to see things from a different point of view. So I hope if you ended up here for finding real corporate tips, job interview tips, job search tips (I might give real ones for each of those but only rarely because my mind works in a different way), you won't get lost. I wish all of you who are looking for a job to find the most suitable one for yourself. And always remember that when you're hired somebody isn't instead of when somebody is hired, that you aren't. Try to be true to yourself, spend less while unemployed, be hopeful and you will for sure find the best thing for you.

A nonconformist on LinkedIn? Why not? Let's just think and have fun, and unthink a little more. Say hi to no-mind! Viva peace!