I know what kind of a world that I want but I do not think that it is possible.
But this does not mean that I am hopeful. I am hopeful for a plan B.

My background allowed me to study political - and to some extent - political systems.
I cannot think of any economic systems that can create a peaceful humanity, right here and right now.

Here the key is the fact that many people are used to a certain system and people cannot always accept the change.

Anyway, that is a huge and another topic.

It is rarely possible to live without money. And if the system is so, I believe that nobody should work for free if they do not want to. We all need to survive, and that is why I stopped keeping blogs. I had so many posts/articles in the past. I decided that I would earn my living from writing - my most favourite activity in the world! 

I like freebies, I like the fact that most of the information on the internet is free and that is probably the coolest thing about this age. Though when I write, I invest time and energy. If you find any of the things I write useful or funny or crazy, there is the "Donate" option. When I work full time as a writer, I earn my living from writing and therefore have less time to write blogs, but currently I am not a full time writer as I and my husband moved to a new city. Therefore it should be OK to ask for donations, right?

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