I'll Brag

As a person who likes free knowledge, who searches a lot, and is good at it, reads a lot, has been using a computer since she was five, and who is not bad with technology (I always find my way - did some basic coding in the past) of course I have tried different websites and platforms.  

Like everything else in life :)

I am usually an early adapter.

However I am not on:
Google +
and many more platforms

So it's not me whomever you find! 

I don't use any chat programs including whatsapp. I've known it for a first time but I simply don't have time for chatting all day.
I only use iMessage with best friends and family.

Nobody needs to see my pictures. Nobody needs to know what I read, what I watch, what I do.

Not actively writing on Ekşi. Deleted everything. Outdated.

I use my real name on writing/film/work related platforms. I keep my Pinterest account but I rarely use it. I don't use my real name on IMDb or Goodreads. (or on any other platforms)

I tried several apps and deleted them as I won't use them. Just getting rid of anything that I don't use. 

Happy with my decisions! Whatever I want, whenever I want.

Deedeebrag, not me