That Escalated Quickly

You have something important to say.
Something really important.
And interesting.
You have to say it now.
It is the moment.
This is the right moment.
But the person/people to whom you want to tell the important/funny/interesting thing isn't around.
Then you hear them coming.
And you're like:
"You know what, xy xyxy happened." or anything in that context whatever you wanted to say with an enthusiastic expression on your face, with all the funny gestures, the right posture, voice and everything.
Until you notice that whomever entered the scene wasn't/weren't whom you were looking for.
Well, that escalated quickly.
(Both this post and what actually is explained here)

Do you give up?  No.
You repeat the same process until you reach the right audience. (Well this is what marketing is like.)