I wrote some articles on different platforms on the beauty fascism. And will explain here what I think about the concept of beauty.

Here's just a small criticism that I have.

Why do people think they look like a certain celebrity?

For instance as it is very common to liken a blond person to Marilyn Monroe, I'll comment on that:

  • Every person is different. And I believe that Monroe had quite an unusual complexion. And I'm not even talking about her body measurements. She has quite unique mimics, a wide smile, interesting eyes and eyebrows, and nose. So if you're by any means blonde (natural or bottle), it does not mean that you'll immediately look like Marilyn Monroe.
  • Why try to look like someone else?
  • When you try to trim your eyebrows like Monroe's, you end up looking like a puppet.
  • Do whatever you like but please is trying to look like someone else really what you want to do? Just think again.
  • A mole (natural or painted) near your lips do not make you MM!
  • Beauty is in actions. It is in the soul, deep in your core. No matter how hard you try, you will not look like someone else. Unless you have plastic surgery. And after all those narcosis sessions you'll probably hate looking like someone else. 
  • Finally you do not look like Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe looks like Marilyn Monroe.