Career Change

I changed my career before I was 30. I was in IT and was not bad at it. I like computers and technology. I like solving problems. Though I like writing more.

Writing is my shrine. My solace. My peace. Everything I have done so far connects to my writing.

I have professionally (full-time) been writing for three years now. However I have been writing all my life. I even did some freelance writing projects when I was in IT.

When I get writing projects I do not lie about my previous career. It is still on my resume. And it is longer than my professional writing experience. I keep it because it is part of the truth. My truth.

I still keep in touch with my friends in IT. I also get some IT job offers. I kindly explain the employers that I switched careers, and I will inform my friends about their job postings. That is why I share the job postings of some firms. Otherwise I do not have any professional ties/deals with them. 

I simply write. Everyday. Almost every hour.