Not Giving Up!

It has been a while since I have last written here. Who cares? Even I do not.
I had some scheduled articles. And of course I kept on writing. Lots of things happened in the last couple of weeks. But it also seems to me like nothing happened.

Due to my profile on some professional websites, big international companies from Dublin and Belfast have been calling me for IT jobs and I tell them that I am no more an "IT" person. Well, I am still technically aware and able. It is just that I do not want the 9-6 office jobs. I do not want the stability and financial prosperity of SAP jobs.

I will never give up writing. Thanks for calling. 

P.S. Around three years ago I promised myself that I will never waste a single minute. I lived the experiences that I wanted to live, took courses in everything that I liked. I now when the right time was to start what I wanted to do. And the peace is worth everything. I do not want the financial stability and prosperity of SAP or anything else. I am happy where I am, who I am. I value my values.