I do not care what people think about me. I only enjoy observing their thoughts and actions.
I am expecting a child. It is too early to announce. Yet we know that life is full of surprises. No matter what happens next, I know am with a child.

It was a planned pregnancy. First of all it is weird to hear that people assume it is not. It is true that most birth control methods are less than 100% protective. It is also true that there are unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. There is one more fact; the fact that people can PLAN their pregnancies.

My husband and I wanted to have a kid. He was ready since the beginning. Even though I have doubts about the world, I still trust humanity so I also was ready. Especially after I was finished with some obligations.

Another misconception about pregnancy is about vomiting and nausea. Every person is different. I say this a lot because it is true. And applies to almost all cases. Every body is different. I got no nausea, vomiting, constipation, exhaustion, headaches or dizziness.

Of course when you are pregnant, your body passes through immense changes. Yet we all experience it differently. I felt that I was pregnant since the beginning. But that meant observing the changes in my body, paying attention to it, and noticing more.

Then people assume pregnant women eat a lot and want to eat everything. I did not get that. You do not eat twice the amount a non-pregnant person does. Some women even lose weight in the first months of pregnancy due to vomiting.

In my case, I eat a bit more than I used to. I put on weight but that is mostly due to hormones. I do not crave anything.

Even if all the assumptions were true for every pregnant women, I wanted to urge women who have not experienced pregnancy not to fear anything.

I am not frightened. Before I was pregnant, I prepared myself. I read - but only the good resources. I did not listen to anyone because I know that each person is unique.

I am ready for a new soul to come to this world and especially our lives. It will be "our" kid but not in the sense that we will possess it. It will carry some of our genes, and will learn most of the new things from us but it will be a human. A person on its own. A soul. One that belongs to no one.

And we will make mistakes. We will be parents. We will do things that we do not approve other/our parents doing. But we will try our best. This is life, and whatever will be will be. Of course we will be responsible, respecting, loving and caring. We will learn from our and our parents' mistakes.

I am ready for what life will bring next.

With my arms wide open.

The assumptions about pregnancy are not over. People assume pregnant women fear putting on weight, never having the same body again, sleepless nights, tiredness, responsibilities, birth... 

Not necessarily. I am not judging those who fear such things but a wanted pregnancy means that you are ready for all of those. At least to some extent. I enjoyed swimming in the sea even if it was for only two days, and thought that exercise - light exercise such as walking, and swimming a short distance - is wonderful for a baby and a pregnant woman.

I do not fear putting on weight. Once I gained so much weight in such a short time and unexpectedly, and then lost most of them. That was long before I was pregnant. I will eat whatever my baby and my body need.

Birth itself can sound dangerous especially for the baby. You want it to be born under perfect conditions. This also is something manageable and something to leave to the specialists.

Sleep deprivation and tiredness? Seriously? I looked after sick animals and people a few times, and stayed up late in many different circumstances and am used to harder conditions. We moved to a calmer city for our kid's first years. And that helps too.

Pregnant women do not necessarily have mood swings. They are not dead people. They can still work. I am in my second trimester now, and there is more to come. However the vomiting and nausea are usually experienced during the first trimester. (People - and people who have never been pregnant - usually tell me that I will experience it later. That is so untrue.)

Also you sometimes hear "Don't do that, it's dangerous.", "Don't eat that." or "Eat that."

Honestly, my diet has not changed much. As we wanted this baby, we stopped drinking alcohol months before we conceived. We do not smoke. We walk a lot. Sleep well. 

I never ever did a weight loss diet in my life. When I lost weight, it was due to exercise.

I drink a lot of water. I like all dairy products. They have always been a huge part of my diet. And I eat the right cheese. I am not very fond of meat but I eat it for the baby. I like fish. I like seafood. Again I eat the right ones. I was never ever fond of hot drinks with caffeine. I do not drink them. I eat fruits and vegetables, and legumes. I used to like chocolate but now I do not. I hate most candies and sweet products. I like soup. Never liked white bread. I like nuts. I stopped taking pain relief pills and such drugs long time ago, and always looked for more natural ways. I only take folic acid + vitamin D as pills.

I applied all the other changes gradually. Our move to a calm city almost one year ago was for that gradual change. I have no stress factors. I have recently lost my 15-year-old cat, darling, sister but openly lived my grief and told my baby not to worry.

One big change is - I am not rushing. I am usually a very self-disciplined and focused person but I used to multitask. I take it easy. Do one thing at a time. Talk less on the phone. Spend less time on the internet. (Again these are gradual changes of the last three or so years.) I do not care if I need to relax, that I am wasting time. I do not think that way. I keep myself busy. Work, write, do some housework, see friends, do activities.

I focus on the baby. I have not bought anything yet. I will not until the sixth month. I do not worry about its future. I only make it feel that we will love it.

I never used to lay down in bed or stay at home being idle for hours even when I was sick. (Except for a few very sick times which do not count) I still do not but I rest more. And I do not mind it.

We are ready for you to come baby. Now grow and feel the love.

Now, if any pregnant ladies are reading this (I suppose if you are not pregnant and came across this post, you are wondering about pregnancy) I can tell you not to fear. There is nothing to be truly afraid of. Just love your baby and yourself. It will be fine.

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