Time to Let Go

Life is strange.
Life is beautiful.
In its own strange way.

What is good and bad depends on the situation.

I am in a new stage of my life.
I write and read as much as I like. As much as I have wished for. Well, almost.

It is early to say it but it is important. We are expecting a baby. Or two. Or more. We do not know how many yet. It is that early.

My husband and I spent the summer working on a short film project. Even though not everything went according to the plan, we are satisfied with the process.

We have also been working on some other individual projects.

I passed some writing competitions, have been in touch with academicians and artists about some other plans and I know that there are more things to come.

But life - life and its strange beauty...

I am having a very easy pregnancy. No nausea, no vomiting or dizziness. I am not even tired!

I just have a pouch and I am not afraid of putting on weight unlike quite many people expect a pregnant woman to be.

The difficulty does not come from work or pregnancy.

It comes from the grief after the loss of our almost 15-year-old cat. We got her home after dad saw her on a fire escape. She was a stray cat. Very happy. Very wise. Very smart.

She has been terminally ill in the last month or so. I got the chance to see and care for her before she died. She felt the baby and was very kind with me. Even when her system was shutting down, she tried to be as helpful as she could. She was very clean and strong until the very last minute.

She even did not want me to see her die, and died one week after I left Istanbul. 

She died on my husband's birthday. I appreciate having met my soul mate. I also appreciate having our cat - she was like a sister to me.

Life gives you many things to be happy about. Takes one life and gives another.

I will write more about our cat but now the news is fresh.