Not All Series Should Continue

I like many TV series, and not because it is my field of profession. I like them because we need stories. All sorts of them.

The British TV series tend to less run time than their American and international (especially Turkish) counterparts. There are usually six episodes in each season. Each episode is about 45 minutes with a few commercials.

Once we get to know our fictional characters, we want to follow them. What will they do at the end? They become acquaintances. We want to know if they will be happy. However this cannot go on forever. When a show runs longer than the lifespan of the characters (and I mean the fictional lifespan, creative lifespan) you do not watch it for fun anymore. You watch it out of curiosity.

That is why I like the short British TV series. Downton Abbey is one of them. Though it is losing its flavour. This new season which will end soon is lacking the dynamics of the previous seasons. A few key and loved characters were not very active, Mary is becoming annoying, there is no real clash. 

I believe that it should end soon, sooner than they reach the Second World War. Well, if they do not have any more interesting material. I hope the next season will be more challenging.

The same goes for the American TV series, Homeland. I was not particularly fond of Brody or Carrie but this new season is like a new series. Nothing is convincing. Mad Men also lost its strength.

Breaking Bad on the other hand was interesting until the last minute. It was cleverly written, developed over time, and made me like very weird people in a weird way.