Remaining Incognito

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I write. Then some of them tell me that they would like to read my work. I appreciate their interest in my work, however, I would remain as incognito as I can, and as long as possible.

Someone who writes (I cannot yet call myself a writer until I become a good one except for the times when I have to make a quick introduction) needs readers. Though I believe when I write fiction - that is mostly short stories, film scripts or comic book stories - I do not think the reader needs to know about my background. For academic work or magazine articles it can be different. Readers may benefit from learning about your other research areas, and the connections between them. 

One does not have to know the writer in order to like or hate a story. I write because I simply want to - for myself. I write because I have to. And since I have dropped desires and ego some time ago, I like remaining incognito. Nobody has to know my name. I do not feel the need of appreciation - at least not much. I can remain anonymous or use nicknames. It is not out of fear or anything that sort. I consider myself a risk taker and a courageous person. I can openly state my thoughts on any matter when I am asked, and would not fear being a nonconformist. And yet, my stories are not statements of my own life. They are stories of humanity like any other story. I also do not write for prestige/respect or money - maybe a little but certainly less so than writing for the sake of writing, writing because I love it.