Things That I’m Grateful For

Yeah, I know. This type of content has been around for some time. I wanted to give it a try.

I don’t think I’m a person who forgets to be grateful – I might actually be too grateful at times – but it’s always handy to put things in order. And then mess around.
Here we go:

I’m grateful:

  1. for having a lovely family – for our little one, for my soul mate, my parents, and extended relatives. Well, not all the relatives. I should’ve said “lovely and peculiar” but that’s the topic of another post. We can both be grateful for something and resent it, no?

  2. for my parents’ choice of leading a modest life when they had the chance to do otherwise.

  3. for having the chance to spend my childhood in the 1980s, and 1990s in a modest, lively and mixed part of Istanbul, and then visiting my relatives in the fancier parts, being surrounded by family and friends, spending my summers in the heavenly coasts of the Aegean Sea.

  4. for playing on the street, playing on the computer, having access to the internet as soon as it was available in Turkey, and reading lots of books as a kid and later a teenager.

  5. for going to public schools, learning English at a very young age, getting a good education, obtaining scholarships, having studied at schools where the lectures were taught in English, and having an academic success.

  6. for starting to work young by helping my mother, and then getting my first proper job at a youngish age – 18.

  7. for doing all the things that most people might call mistakes at an earlier stage in my life.

  8. for working in different jobs, and especially in IT.

  9. to Susanne for teaching me how to drill.

  10. to my dad for teaching me how to fix things, move furniture without hassles, and be interested in arts and science.

  11. to my mother for reminding me of who I am.

  12. to all the people I’ve encountered on the way for helping me become who I am – sometimes without them knowing that they’re actually doing so.

  13. for experiencing a few extremes, close-to-death experiences.

  14. for travelling, and for learning to travel and live for cheap.

  15. for breathing.

  16. to life for everything.

  17. to India my life changing and eye-opening and jaw-dropping experiences.

  18. for having worked lived in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, when it was great to be there.

  19. to Beyoğlu for the live music, rock ‘n’ roll and alternative lifestyles, food, cafes, crowds, book stores, movies, culture, dirt, stray animals, protests, peculiarities, crazes, and for the international communities.

  20. to Nişantaşı for Dünya Gençlik Merkezi, cafes, buffets, art galleries, toy stores, events, and making it easy for my aunts and grandmother.

  21. to my grandmother for her great food, advice, smile, and lovely smell.

  22. to my other grandmother for being super understanding.

  23. for growing up with pets, even if sometimes not our own.

  24. to nature for being so neutral, and mostly beautiful.

  25. for dolphins.

  26. for learning about some of the hardships of life as a kid.

  27. for living and travelling on my own in the past.

  28. to Barcelona for all the fun and the food.

  29. to Darmstadt, and especially Karlshof for the music, dances, and the accompany.

  30. to all my bosses – good and bad – for teaching me more about life, and causing me to follow my passions.

  31. for following my passions.

  32. for studying all the subjects that I like.

  33. for the fish, and seafood – sorry vegetarians.

  34. for being a vegetarian for a couple of years.

  35. for being attentive, aware, and practicing mindfulness.

  36. for learning languages.

  37. to all the critical and independent thinkers.

  38. for the ‘60s.

  39. for Nutella.

  40. for water.

  41. for toys.

  42. for being healthy.

  43. for being free in my choices.

  44. for being free in general.

  45. for being peaceful.

  46. for raising our kid the we way we approve of.

  47. for the breastmilk.

  48. for the stationery.

  49. for my unique features, scars and burns after some accidents.

  50. to my friends from all around the world.

  51. to Monty Python.

  52. for enjoying dancing and singing.

  53. to my haters because they suck.

  54. for the unlucky moments because they become
    great memories.

  55. For humour, hope and peace.

What are you grateful for?
I'll update this list or continue in a new post. It's liberating and overwhelming to notice what makes you happy.

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