Some Bookmarks

Habits can make a person. How do you spend your time on the internet?
I sometimes waste my time on unimportant things, and yet I mostly read - I read a lot. Then I like to visit my favourite artists' pages, and view their most recent work.

Below are a few of my bookmarks that I visit often.

For musings, and culture:

Open Culture

Brain Pickings


Some of my favourite contemporary artists' pages:

Gemma Correll

Grant Snider

The Oatmeal

No links but you can do a search with the name Antonio Lupatelli Tony Wolf

Pascal Campion

Margaux Motin

Sarah Andersen

The Awkward Yeti


Lucy Knisley

Brian Gordon

and my family members, and artists friends have their own websites too:

Murat Akser

Gökçe Pehlivanoğlu

Zhenia Mahdi-Nau

Rory Harron's blog

Rory Harron's Etsy Shop

Danile Belmaverde

Elif Gülen Photography

Cihan Demiral

Serpil and Markus Mallaun


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