“Are you happy?” the girl asks, her blue eyes focused at me - waiting for my response. Her husband equally focused, is looking at me as if someone is about to give the answer to the question of meaning of life.

“I am”, I say, “Generally”.

They nod, and lower their gazes. They must be thinking about something important.

“But I’m worried about the world.”

I took their attention again.

This was, say, 4-5 years ago. I was travelling in India. Alone. In order to find my soul or to be sure that I appreciated myself.

The young lovely couple was from Belarus. They were on honeymoon in India, and were just two of the many nice people I’ve encountered during my travels. It’s true that one needs more than time to get to know people. Talking about things of importance to you is one way to understand how a person’s mind functions. This couple and I talked about the hardships of life, how it’s now very difficult to survive.

And 4-5 years later, I still feel the same way. Happy about my life and with myself, my loved ones and our little cocoon but very worried about the world. It’s becoming impossible for me to comprehend how this tiny blue spot in this huge universe, home to the only known living things, is like hell at the same time. How to be happy?

I do understand the necessity of balance, and I have a very strong connection with reality. Often times no matter how hard it is I go for accepting the truth.

One way or another. Sooner or later. But the current situation of the world is maddening, especially considering that we expect progress with time – not regression.

This ongoing violence towards humans, animals, and nature almost makes me want to wish for an end of the world. A permanent, and absolute solution to humanity’s problems. Almost.

Such a shame. When many more people have access to education, to the truth, to humane conditions, many others suffer as if they’re still living in the stone ages. What makes it worse is the source of our problems. And man, that is also humans.

I never like to solely talk about problems or generalise. It would be unfair to limit the source of all bad to all individuals. And yet I should mention that gradually accepting myself, I grew up and this came particularly after applying my values and thoughts to my actions becoming a more consistent, balanced, and responsible person in most things I say and do. I really recommend it for it might be the key to small changes first, bigger changes next.

I’ve given birth to a little one in this extremely violent world. I wonder, now, how’s the Belarussian couple. They had great smiles despite the hardships in their lives. I hope they’ll live happily ever after.

Peace Out x