Gone is Fairness, Gone is Purity

I will also be gone one day. Sooner or later. It is not the mortality I detest, for immortality is never clear. When I am gone, I will take all my memories, thoughts, and unwritten stories with me. Perhaps my son, any future kids, and other loved ones will still be alive. All I will haunt myself about will be their wellness. But no. I will also care about all the children of the world, be it in human form or animal. Young or old.

In some's minds I will only be a perception. Never to be changed. Others will assume that I am my social media timelines. I do not matter. On my own. You do not matter. On your own. That is life's most grande dilemma: uniqueness depends on others' uniqueness. When I am gone, I will have been among the few who have lived up to their dreams and values, cherished each moment, and loved eternally. It is not me whom I am worried about. Nor my soulmate who is just like me. I cannot stand to see lost souls, crashing everywhere like a bird which thinks it is trapped when it is not. The window is open and it is right there. Those who know me, are aware that my threshold for bulshit is quite low. Why harm when you can simply walk past? Why continue committing communication mistakes? What is behind the idiotic behaviour patterns? It is not so difficult to heal and take charge of your life. Millions or billions most good but not so bright about their choices. Not so honest about their feelings. Not so resilient about their values. I feel sorrow for those.

Didem Durak Akser