Leonard Cohen As a Poet

Before I get back to work and focus again, some thoughts on Cohen as in the form of a diary page. Cohen - the man of the two big J's of music. Joan Baez, and Janis Joplin. A Ladies' Man (the fans chuckle) Cohen - a modern poet in a classic voice that would make the muses jealous. Dylan and Cohen. I'd rather read their lyrics than some poets' poems. Poetry is not my thing. Perhaps I am very selective, or I do not really understand poetry. Love poems? Yuck. (Many of them anyway) I seek harmony, rhyme, melody, alliteration... If I cannot find them, I look for deep meaning, and taste. Otherwise I will run off with prose. Thanks Cohen. Thanks Dylan. You have not talked about love and life, as if they were ordinary things. I want it darker.

Didem Durak Akser